The 16th International Conference on Computational Processing of Portuguese (PROPOR 2024) will be held at the Universidade de Santiago de Compostela (Galiza) from 14th to 15th March.

PROPOR is the main scientific meeting in the area of language and speech technologies for the Portuguese/Galician language. The event is supported by the PROPOR steering committee.

PROPOR is a biennial event hosted in Brazil and in Portugal (and now in Galicia). Past meetings were held in Lisbon, PT (1993); Curitiba, BR (1996); Porto Alegre, BR (1998); Évora, PT (1999); Atibaia, BR (2000); Faro, PT (2003); Itatiaia, BR (2006); Aveiro, PT (2008); Porto Alegre, BR (2010); Coimbra, PT (2012), São Carlos, BR
(2014), Tomar, PT (2016), Canela, BR (2018), Évora, PT (2020), and Fortaleza, BR (2022). More details about past events, PROPOR steering committee and the constitution can be found in