Conference Venue

PROPOR will be held in the CINC building, located in the Cidade da Cultura, in Santiago de Compostela. Workshops and Tutorials will take place in the Fontán building, just in front of CINC.

Moving between the Cidade da Cultura and the city center

The Cidade da Cultura is located on Monte Gaiás, a small hill on the eastern side of Santiago de Compostela. There are several alternatives for getting between the conference venue and the city center (please take them into account before booking your accommodation):

Official PROPOR shuttles

The organization provides buses to go to the conference in the morning, and return at the end of each day. The buses are managed by Autos Grabanxa, with the following services (click on the links to see the locations):

Day 12 (Workshops & Tutorials)

Day 13 (Main Conference)

Day 14 (Main Conference)

Day 14 (Conference Dinner)

The conference dinner will take place at A Nave de Vidán (location), 2.5 kms from the Praza de Galicia. Participants could also go walking, by taxi, or taking the city bus nº 8. 

        • Departure: from the San Lázaro hotels (Eurostars and Puerta del Camino) at 20:00, stopping few minutes later at Praza de Galicia and Hotel Exe Peregrino.
        • Return: at the end of the cultural events, around 00:30, stopping at the hotels and Praza de Galicia

Day 15 (Main Conference)

      • Departure from Hotel Exe Peregrino at 08:00. Stops at Praza de Galicia (few minutes later), and at the hotels located in the San Lázaro area (Hotel Eurostars San Lázaro, and Hotel Puerta del Camino), after that.
      • Return:
        • Bus 1 – After the closing session: 1 bus will leave from the final bus stop of the Cidade da Cultura at 15:15, with the same stops.
        • Bus 2 – After the community meeting: 1 bus will leave at around 16:45

Public transportation

The only way to get to the Cidade da Cultura by public transportation is to get the city bus nº 9. More information and schedules can be found here:

From the city center to Cidade da Cultura

It leaves from Casas Novas approximately each 70 minutes (morning departures at 7:30, 8:30, 9:50, 11:00, 12:10), and passes through Rúa das Galeras, Rúa da Senra/Praza da Galiza, Rúa Virxe da Cerca, Rúa de San Roque, Avenida de Lugo, and Barrio das Fontiñas before arriving at the Cidade da Cultura.

From Cidade da Cultura to the city center

It leaves from the final bus stop of the Cidade da Cultura at the following times (approximately each 70 minutes): 9:15, 10:25, 11:35, 12:45, 13:55, 15:05, 16:15, 17:25, 18:35, 19:45) stopping at Rúa Virxe da Cerca, Rúa da Senra/Praza da Galiza, and other stops in the city center.


Moving between the conference venue and the city center by taxi is also an option. You can check the rates per kilometer (as of 2023, not yet updated) here: and call a taxi at (+34) 981 56 92 92. We will provide a board at the registration desk for those who would like to share a taxi.

Walking / Biking

The Cidade da Cultura is just over 2 kilometers from the city center, so depending on the weather, walking may be an option, especially to return to the city center (note that because it’s on a hill, there are some slightly steep slopes).